2017 McLeod Angel Awards
April 23-29 marked National Volunteer Week across Canada and the theme this year is “Volunteering Eh?” – a distinctly Canadian way to celebrate how we recognize volunteering during Canada’s 150th birthday year. According to Volunteer Canada, 12.7 million Canadians volunteer in non-profit organizations. Volunteers are a huge unpaid workforce that society is indebted to.

The McLeod Angel Award recognizes those who volunteer above and beyond their community service, and those who volunteer freely without expecting anything in return. These individuals have shown an outstanding commitment to their community and deserve special recognition.

Thank you to MLA Heather Sweet and Councillor Ed Gibbons for presenting the awards.
Julie Vandermeer is relatively new to McLeod, arriving at Matt Berry in the winter of 2016. Since her arrival, she has quickly engaged in the community league and several other volunteer and community groups. Julie has been a key player in the Matt Berry Facilities Steering Committee, overseeing the relationship with the Centre Pointe Church is is McLeod's Volunteer Director. We look forward to seeing what Julie has in store for the future, because her inquisitive mind combined with her exuberance mean great things for McLeod.     
Gerard O'Quinn is Liz O'Quinn's sidekick. Ever since Liz became social director, poor Gerard has been running errands, picking up slack at home when she’s at the hall, helping in the hall kitchen during events, decorating, and many other things that contribute to the family functions we hold to bring joy to our community. Gerard does not hesitate when he’s asked during the middle of a pancake breakfast “We’re out of sausages, syrup and coffee cream! Can you run out to buy more right away?” He has a heart of gold and is always willing to help someone in need.    
Chad Urshel has planned the Del Golinoski 3-on-3 hockey tournament for the 2 years, since its inception. He heard about the tournament from a Board member and volunteered to help with planning and promotion. In the first year, he planned around five teams and in the second year, 10 teams participated. There was nothing but positive feedback from all the players about how much fun they had and well run the tournament was. Despite being the organizer, Chad also participated with his own team, winning the 2017 tournament.
In 2015, ​​​Martin Pater reached out to the McLeod Board to volunteer to sit on the Matt Berry Facilities Steering Committee. This committee is looking at building a new McLeod facility in the Matt Berry area. He was the first volunteer who wasn't already on the McLeod Board, so his commitment provided a valuable impetus for the project. His wife, Cathy Pater, has patiently entered hundreds of survey repsonses into an online system and helped with door-to-door canvassing. Thank you both for your support of your community!
Cindy Maione is described by Liz O'Quinn as her “great super shopper” friend. Cindy is the “unofficial social director assistant and unofficial one-person social committee” who volunteers countless hours to assist Liz in preparing fun family events for the community. Cindy uses her finely honed skills in discount shopping to ensure that our events come under budget but are of extremely high quality. From activities to decorations, no shopping challenge is impossible for her. Thank you Cindy for the hours of your time in making our community a more fun place to be!
Devin McIntosh joined the Hollick-Kenyon Park Society in the summer of 2009 and became chair in March 2010. He lead the society in fundraising activities and the small but dedicated group did a full door to door fundraising drive to every home in Hollick-Kenyon not just once, but tried every house twice to get as much community support as possible. For anyone who has done door-to-door canvassing, you know that it is a huge task.

Devin also appeared before City Council in 2011 to present over 400 letters from elementary students to convince the City not to cut playground funding from its budget. This was successful and construction started in 2013 with eventual completion by Spring 2015. The playground is now enjoyed by hundreds of kids at Dr Donald Massey School and everyone in the community.
Devin has also taken a lead role with Sports Explorerz, the 3-5 year-old physical literacy program run by McLeod and five other community leagues. He started on the committee in 2014 and is the supervisor for the staff and McLeod’s contact for the program. Devin diligently registers McLeod participants and coordinates all community leagues’ registrations.    ​​​​​​​

Devin is also McLeod's Volunteer of the Year for Area Council 17's annual awards night.
Unfortunately, award recipient Todd Chmilar, McLeod’s Soccer Director, was unable to attend the ceremony but sent along a message when he was informed of the nomination.

“I’m honored to be nominated for a McLeod Angel Award. My journey to Soccer Director started in 2009 when I started volunteering at registrations at the volunteer commitment table. I became the Associate Soccer Coordinator in 2009 and Soccer Director in January 2013. The soccer program wouldn't be the success it is without the huge commitment from all those involved, from the McLeod Board, to the Soccer Committee that I work closely with, to the soccer coaches who freely give their time to teach and mentor our players. You've enabled me in countless ways to promote and grow the soccer program. The Soccer Committee members are incredibly generous with their time, assisting in all aspects of the soccer program, including registration, program administration, and equipment management. McLeod is blessed with many great volunteers. Some of these volunteers/coaches don’t even have children involved in McLeod sports programs. Our soccer volunteers come out in great numbers when we have our registration and equipment organization sessions making them huge successes.

If you are interested in volunteering and becoming the next McLeod Angel, please contact volunteer@mcleodcommunityleague.ca to help out.